Travelling to Western Australia

Western Australia waterfall

An incredible natural setting and a large helping of sunshine and fun are all promised by Western Australian travel. From January to December, the stunning and varied landscape, coupled with great climatic conditions, make this a great vacation destination.

When it comes to natural attractions, nowhere can really compare to Western Australia. Covering a wide area on the west coast of the country, a visit to Western Australia gives each and every visitor the opportunity of swimming with wild dolphins, snorkeling with manta rays and even diving with the whale sharks if these kinds of activities tickle your fancy. Heck, if you’re looking for good deals for buying Australian currency then have a look at these guys – Add into the mix camping in the stunning great Australian desert and allowing your breath to be truly taken away by the ancient rain-forest. Then there’s the Bungle Bungles were you can admire the fascinating natural beehive-like formations.

Regardless of the type of tourist that visits the area, Western Australia has something to please everyone. If you are a nature lover, then you are in for one amazing and memorable ride. That being said, luxury, indulgence and second-to-none resorts and spas are also on the menu in Western Australia.

Seashells Serviced ApartmentsLocal accommodation has its value boosted by the incredible areas of natural beauty that is has been built in. Hotels can be found that are 4, 5 and 6 star. In the same way the breath-taking family resorts that Western Australia proudly boasts, offer the same category choice. It’s not just the hotels and resorts, but even the holiday apartments, such as the Seashells Serviced Apartments in Perth city offer an excellent standard of comfort for guests. In the South West WA area, the Amalfi Resort makes an excellent vacation choice, whereas the unforgettable Kununurra Country Club in the Broome area promises a stay to cherish and remember. In fact no matter which area you visit in Western Australia, you will find the same exceptional choice of accommodation.

We’re not finished just yet; there’s shopping opportunities galore in this part of Australia. From quaint markets and stalls to modern malls, shopping here is as unique, varied and fun as it gets. Then when it comes to enjoying the local food, the choice of eateries will not fail to please.

Western Australia is also home to a host of traditional events and festivals. For example the Festival of Perth is a great experience for tourists, held in the well-known Kings Park. For an entirely different experience there is the Albany Residency Museum in the South West, or head over to Broome for a visit to the Cable Beach.

The details mentioned above give just a taste of the abundance of attractions, experiences and amazing memories that await a visitor to Western Australia. If you want to really get the most out of your travel and have a vacation that you will remember for all the right reasons, then make sure you do your homework and map out your itinerary according to what really tickles your fancy when you are on vacation.